Digital marketing refers mainly to your internet related marketing activities although it now increasingly includes mobile phone technology and some advertising techniques. For many people it encompases all of their marketing activities such has been the growth of digital media in the last two decades.

Websites and SEO

It is hard to imagine a business today that won’t require some form of web presence and for most that means a website.

We have designed and built a range of different websites for our clients including “brochure” websites that describe the company and its activities, “e-commerce” websites that both promote and sell their products and complex technical websites that integrate with 3rd party sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

If you have an existing website and are looking for ideas on how to develop it or improve its performance we can help with that as well.

Once your site is up and running we can help you promote it and drive traffic to it using search engine optimisation and other techniques that are appropriate to your goals.

Social Media Marketing

With the proliferation of social media platforms, huge worldwide audiences are now available to everyone and at a very low cost. However although in theory these customers are free to approach, in reality it takes a good quality plan to generate the interest of the mass market.

 We can help you across a range of channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and have successfully used all of these for a number of different of clients.

Tracking Your Results

The huge advantage of using digital media over traditional methods is the ability to track actions closely and to be able to identify who is coming from where and what do they do when they arrive.

 We can assist in helping you develop your complete digital marketing campaign, including design, delivery and results tracking. Please give us a call for an initial discussion.