Print is still important even in this increasingly digital world. First impressions will always count and if that first impression is face-to-face and you have a badly designed business card, then some prospective clients will be put off immediately.

So from simple printed items, such as your business cards and stationery, through to glossy brochures that can be presented to potential customers at trade shows and through sales activities, print is going to stay with us for many years to come.

Of course it needs to be flexible to change and personalised to your target clients, but it should not be overlooked altogether.

If you are just starting up we can help you get the basics in place such as business cards, invoices and letterheads. You may want these to be printed on demand to keep the cost of production and possible wastage to a minimum and digital printing allows you to do that. If you need large quantities we can help obtain competitive quotes from our print suppliers.

If you are planning something larger scale such as a mailshot, then we can show you how this can be combined with a database to allow each item to be personalised to each recipient.

Planning an event? Then you will probably need some large format printing such as banners and posters, we can help with all of these, including exhibition stands.

And of course if you need assistance putting ideas together for paper type, weights, lamination, binding and all of the many other print options open to you, we can sit with you to help you put the best specification available for your budget.

Online versions of all “hard copy” items are another common request from clients so once a design is complete, we will make sure it is available to you in all of the necessary formats so that it can be presented to clients across all of your marketing platforms.

Please give us a call to arrange an initial discussion, we would love to hear from you.